Tina G

There’s no doubt…Michelle Sharpee (Cloud 9 Feline) is your #1 feline friend to care for an train your cat! As a certified cat trainer along with her thorough knowledge and extensive experience, she understands our feline friends and is completely devoted to providing the best training and care (including administering medicines) available. Her devotion and love for cats adds to her unique and personalized skills that always results in your cat in a happy and healthy environment. I have always been worry free when my very special feline friend is in Michelle’s care. Thank you, Michelle, for your in-depth knowledge and complete love for cats! You ARE the BEST!

Marsha D

I came home from Alaska and my cats were extremely well cared for and happily enjoying an enrichment box provided by C9F! They used to meow for hours when I would get home from a trip (with other sitters). With Michelle, they were calm and happy because she had spent quality time with them!

Tammy W

Michelle has a bond with felines like none I’ve ever witnessed. I have worked in the animal field for years and was blown away by the commitment that Michelle exhibits. She is loyal, honest and diligent in her pursuit to make our feline friends more content, comfortable and their owners more knowledgeable.

Nikki L

My cat was urinating outside the litter box. Literally, my husband said it was me or the cat. I was out of options, and Michelle helped save my cat and my marriage.

Alex G

I would need to write an entire book to explain how wonderful Michelle is…. I’ve personally witnessed her drastically change the behavior of fractious animals with her incredible talents. She is truly one of the most positive, happiest, and talented people I know in the animal business. Every day, she impresses me with her skills, and she is a pleasure to work with. She’s so knowledgeable. Exceptional is an understatement.

Mandy S

Michelle is just amazing with her pets…. and other clients. She has such a gift and way with animals. So proud of her! ❤️

Rose J

I am a cat and dog lover. I KNOW how independent cats can be, but I’ve seen Michelle work wonders with God’s little furry creatures. She truly loves them, and it definitely shows in the training and care she gives them. She always wants to make sure each cat gets special attention. Pedigree, stray, not so pretty, lovely…it doesn’t matter to Michelle. They are ALL the same to her, and get treated that way – ALL WITH TLC. 🙂