My name is Michelle Sharpee, Certified Cat Trainer. I grew up in Georgia where we always had pets as part of our family. As an adult, I began working in zoos training a variety of animals including exotic cats. I began to see the similarities between the way large and domestic cats communicated with humans and each other. My passion for helping others understand their domestic cats began to blossom.

I met my husband, Jason, in North Carolina, and we have been married 3 years. Together we moved to Fayetteville, Georgia with our cats, Pebbles and Eave. Our cat, Pebbles, was my first student. I rescued her when she was a baby. I started walking her on a harness and leash, and I found that this kept her out of mischief because she was mentally and physically stimulated. She absolutely loved it, and we went for daily walks with her newly adopted sibling, Eave.

Both cats seemed much happier and calmer with the mental stimulation of training. Their progress has inspired me to help as many cats as I can and teach people how to understand them. In my pursuit of understanding, I have achieved a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication with a Minor in Psychology with a focus on Animal Psychology. I have worked with a variety of exotic and domestic animals at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Zoo Atlanta, Caribbean Gardens, Friends of the Sea Lion, among others for over 25 years. I have furthered my education by earning a Cat Training degree for feline training and behavior modification.

Whatever your cat need, my goal is to help you and your furry family member progress towards a more harmonious home. Cloud 9 Feline wants to help cats stay out of shelters and in their furever homes. In essence, save the world one cat at a time!