Behavior Training & Modification:

All appointments start with a free consultation to gather information about your pet, their environment, and the challenges they may be facing.

Common needs:

  • Innapropriate Elimination (Litter Box corrections & Spraying)
  • Scratching
  • Socialization with other animals and environments (Dogs, Babies, Kids)
  • Leash Training
  • Enrichment Ideas
  • Night Vocalization
  • Area Training (Keeping off of counters, special areas of environment)

Pet Sitting

Included in the pet sitting session is a 45 minute session where I use my animal training knowledge to get them to trust me, and I spend time petting or playing with them. Some animals may take longer, and that is fine. There is no charge for extra time spent. I want them to feel happy, confident and secure when their “parents” return.

Included in the cat sessions:

    • Litter box cleaning
    • Brushing (if they like it)
    • Feeding and fresh water
    • Administering medicine (pill form or shot), if needed
    • Enrichment (Give the animal the type of toy or other types of enrichment that they will enjoy. For example, my cats enjoy a cardboard box with holes poked in it and treats inside. It keeps them busy trying to get the treats out, so they will not be bored.)
    • Lots of Love!! 🙂